Know exactly what’s
going on at rail crossings.

Accurately quantifying traffic delays at rail crossings is required to understand the problem and identify solutions, respond to public complaints and inquiries about these problems, and develop business cases and benefit-cost analyses for funding applications. To-date, engineers have used models to quantify these traffic delays. Most models severely underestimate traffic delays at rail crossings because they use poor data and rely on many incorrect assumptions. The results are predictable: insufficient understanding of the problem leading to ineffective or excessive treatments and failure to build a strong business case to secure funding.

TRAINFO produces the most detailed, accurate, and affordable traffic delay statistics at rail crossings. We measure individual vehicle delay caused by each blockage event. An online data portal allows you to drill down into the data to determine traffic delay by time-of-day and by origin-destination pair and export the results. This portal is updated daily and lets you quickly and easily retrieve answers to specific questions.

  • Understand exactly how rail crossing blockages impact traffic at a network level
  • Strengthen business cases for grant funding applications
  • Respond to public inquiries with reliable and detailed traffic delay statistics at rail crossings
TRAINFO’s proprietary rail crossing sensor is the most accurate and reliable option in the market.

Our sensor is installed off rail right-of-way, is easy to install, requires minimal maintenance, and provides the most accurate and reliable rail crossing information. The sensor can be installed on any pole within 100 ft (30 m) of a rail crossing and accurately detects 100% of rail crossing blockages. 

Portal screenshot
TRAINFO produces the most accurate and detailed traffic delay information at rail crossings.

Obtaining train data is not enough to fully understand and address traffic issues at rail crossings. What you really need is traffic delay information surrounding rail crossings. TRAINFO’s analytics dashboard provides the most accurate and detailed traffic delay information available. We quantify traffic delay by time-of-day, day-of-week, and even by origin-destination pair. With our dashboard, you will know exactly how much traffic delay occurs around rail crossings and precisely which vehicle movements are impacted.