Grade Crossing Scorecard


Generating Your Grade Crossing Scorecard

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The information in your scorecard is sourced from public datasets including the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) grade crossing inventory.

Once your scorecard is available, you can:

  • view an interactive map of your region
  • filter your grade crossing information by county and city
  • review the metrics to better analyze and understand the data for your region
  • download a pdf to your computer to share with others

TRAINFO is proud to part with the FRA to improve grade crossing safety. To learn more about your grade crossings and solutions available for your department of transportation and 911 agency, you can email us or request a consultation.

Cross Product

Annual average daily traffic (AADT) statistics are multiplied by blockages per day providing an indicator of collision risk and traffic congestion at a crossing.

per Day

The average number of times a crossing is active on any given day.


The total number of accidents that occurred at a crossing in the last five years.


The total number of fatalities that occurred at a crossing in the last five years.